Years of distinct customer service… and still counting


At a time when trading and commerce were on the heels of a boost in the island of Saipan, a relatively small but enterprising freight forwarding company was founded in 1989. Originally known as Consolidated Transportation Services, Inc. or simply CTSI, its humble beginnings saw a company that stood its ground from the challenges of tough competition. And has drawn its business opportunities from the trust of information technology in order to achieve quality and excellence.

With a highly competent and dynamic management core and employee force, CTSI Logistics grew significantly and has since then expanded its operations to different vital market points in the Asia Pacific and the United States.

Twenty years and countless freight forwarding and logistics services to customers later, it now finds itself vying to the challenge of reaching for greater heights-to help you better conduct your business while increasing your profitability through our logistics and supply chain management solutions. More than just we did over a decade ago, this becomes the biggest conquest that we target to win from now on. This is the story of our company, CTSI Logistics.

We are located along Puerto Rico Road, Saipan. Addresses and telephone numbers are listed in left sidebar for your reference.

For inquiries, feel free to contact the office and we will do our best to accommodate your question immediately.